Charlie Sheen Has HIV…..and..

This is a “who-cares-so-I’m-going-to-not-care-more-by-blogging-about-it-anyway-thing…”


I had something really juicy to share with you all today…but I’m feeling judgmental and I’m going to talk about STD’s instead.

I haven’t read all the headlines. I don’t have to. I already know what they say. He’s infected but being taken care of and all the women he didn’t tell about his status are in an uproar…screaming and crying because he…threatened..or destroyed their lives.

I want to say I’m sorry for all of the people involved. I don’t know them like that though.

Did that sound cold?

In case it did, let me qualify my sentiment by saying…there is just something about recent world events…that makes this announcement…..



And I will qualify my sentiment further by saying….in the next week or so..I’m going to talk about some pretty irrelevant and unimportant things myself. I’m okay with my blogging contradictions.

STD’s are serious. Protect yourselves. Choose your behaviors wisely. There is a reason the Bible says what it says; like it or not. God wants His best for us. And HIV ain’t IT. It is that simple. Why make life more complicated and complex with unprotected sex outside of marriage? Trust me, every adult that made it to marriage…after a wild hair or two…thanks their lucky stars every single day for their negative status.

Meanwhile, the people in Paris are burying family members and living in unimaginable fear..due to behaviors they did not choose. Many people are facing their first holidays without loved ones..due to behaviors they did not choose. And nearly two weeks ago……a woman I graduated from high school with….had to tell her young kids and her family…that she would not live to celebrate their next birthdays; would not live to spend their next summer vacation with them; would not live to see them all married and her future grandbabies…..due to behaviors she herself..did not choose.

But Charlie Sheen…has an STD.

Taking the Plunge…..

This is an intro thing…

I have had this plan for a long time now. You know. To start a blog. Again. Because I have. You know. Thoughts…that I think are interesting and need to be shared!

Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist with minimal technological skills and even minimal”er” time…and so….since about 18 months ago…when the idea for this site….first kinda..”came to be,” behind the scenes…I became paralyzed by my analysis…unable to decide on a layout. A font. A background. A color. You name it.

I had a title. I had a direction. And nothing else.

Except a truckload of fear.

But my thoughts…..the ones that I believe need to be shared….keep coming.

So tonight, I have made one of the biggest decisions ever. I’m taking the plunge. Despite my paralysis. Despite the fact that this thing isn’t set up completely yet. Despite my ear-flaming fear.

I’m going to post this blog in its most basic form. Get it I can share my thoughts. And you guys are going to watch me grow from there. We will go this thing together. And we will laugh about it a year from now!

The title for my blog, is..”The Frazzled, Dazzled, Fragilistic Female.” Because…I think it’s a summation of me. A little bit mommy-crazy with 3 bio-kids and 2 step-kids; a little bit southern-girl sassy and sparkly; a whole lot of fragile; and ALLLLL the way female.

Hi, I look forward to journaling and blogging with you!