Slap Ya Mama Salad

Slap Ya Mama Salad

Well, I do a little bit more than blog.

I definitely fall short of the title, “cook,” but I do some things in the kitchen once in awhile.

I took a recipe I found online for a 7-layer salad and then made it my own.

If you dare try it……… just might end know. Slappin ya mama.

Beware though. She might just..slap you back. Ha

This is a good side item to add to your Thanksgiving dinner!

For the salad:

1 – head of lettuce, chopped and layered on the bottom of the dish

1- lg can of peas, drained and layered on top of the lettuce

1 – lb of bacon (microwaved to perfection) for your next layer

1 – head of cauliflower layered next

1/2 red onion on top of your cauliflower

1 – head of broccoli for your next layer

3 – hard boiled eggs for the next

And then for the dressing part:

I did this to-taste so my measurements are approximates only.

3 – cups of mayo

3 – cups of sour cream

½ or 1 cup of parmesan cheese

1  or 1 and ½ tsp sugar

About 1 tsp of pepper

About 1 tsp  garlic salt

About ½ tsp paprika

Mix dressing ingredients together and cover salad.

Top with 1 – lb of sharp cheddar cheese.

Chow down…and slap ya mama.

Happy Thanksgiving!!