Go-Go Green Juice

Let me start by saying, I LOVE my Go-Go Green Juice!

I do not love it more than pizza, hot wings, or vodka, but when those things are off the table, I LOVE my green juice.

Every year, my household chooses a fast to participate in for different reasons. And…those reasons vary…typically by age group. If you’re in the “under 21” bracket, your reasons run along the lines of, “Because my parents said so.” Honestly, taking a break from chocolate chip cookies for a period of time…killed nobody.

If you’re in the “over 21” bracket, your reasons could be spiritual, dietary, to break gluttonous habits….

I haven’t yet decided if I will talk about those things in more detail later…..but the point is…my current intake is primarily my green juice.

Doesn’t this picture just make you want to try a glass?

IMG_2601 (1)

People do not believe that something so green..could be so good! And…that one time..when I used too much celery and not enough other-stuff…I admit….it was damn near horrific. BUT!!!…..It was just that one time. Maybe two.

Try it. Your body needs it….to boost energy…to boost your immune system…and to promote the umm…the…well…the removal of shit your body doesn’t need. Pun intended.

Here’s the recipe for a gallon.

4 – cucumbers

2 – bags of celery

1 – bag of honey crisp apples

4 – bunches of kale (yummm)

2 – lemons

1 – thumb ginger root

1 – bag of oranges

I core my apples, peel my oranges, peel my ginger root and run it all through the juicer. On the lemons, I cut them in half and squeeze them into my juice at the end.


This picture is just pure wholesomeness. For the sake of clarity….these are granny smith apples here. They work…but honey crisp are so much better!


Slap Ya Mama Salad

Well, I do a little bit more than blog.

I definitely fall short of the title, “cook,” but I do some things in the kitchen once in awhile.

I took a recipe I found online for a 7-layer salad and then made it my own.

If you dare try it………..you just might end up..you know. Slappin ya mama.

Beware though. She might just..slap you back. Ha

This is a good side item to add to your Thanksgiving dinner!

For the salad:

1 – head of lettuce, chopped and layered on the bottom of the dish

1- lg can of peas, drained and layered on top of the lettuce

1 – lb of bacon (microwaved to perfection) for your next layer

1 – head of cauliflower layered next

1/2 red onion on top of your cauliflower

1 – head of broccoli for your next layer

3 – hard boiled eggs for the next

And then for the dressing part:

I did this to-taste so my measurements are approximates only.

3 – cups of mayo

3 – cups of sour cream

½ or 1 cup of parmesan cheese

1  or 1 and ½ tsp sugar

About 1 tsp of pepper

About 1 tsp  garlic salt

About ½ tsp paprika

Mix dressing ingredients together and cover salad.

Top with 1 – lb of sharp cheddar cheese.

Chow down…and slap ya mama.

Happy Thanksgiving!!